Carnival implements the module InfoSHIP DSF

Carnival Cruise Lines, who has been a InfoSHIP® user for a long time, has recently implemented the latest module released by the Ligurian company, that is to say InfoSHIP DSF,

a tool entirely designed to give feedback to top management in terms of operational reporting and data analysis. DSF (acronym for Decision Support Framework) acts directly on InfoSHIP® data, providing an immediate and dynamic graphical representation of information daily managed by the operating staff. The easy to use tool allows to intuitively analyze all data managed by the system; it is structured in a set of ‘Hit’ (or ‘Dashboards’) that analyze technical, financial or managerial data, related to specific topics, to eventually obtain the analysis of performance and process management. The user may view information by setting different filters criteria, to enable truly dynamic interaction with the data represented. Each report can then be exported directly from the module into an Excel spreadsheet for further processing or printing.
In the American shipping company the new module has been applied to all the processes currently managed by InfoSHIP®, i.e. Maintenance & Purchase, Quality and Safety, Dry Dock, Technical Hotel Management, etc. This means that each process and sub-process can be monitored and analyzed in real time, whether it is in Safety, Technical, Environment and, in fact in each department (both on board and ashore) which deals with Maintenance, Purchasing, DryDock, guarantees claims or technical.


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