\ Tailor-made according to your value  .

Whether you have a contractual requirement, or want improved self-governance, implementing a robust quality management system can bring significant business benefits.

Maritime organizations are required to establish the quality level they can afford and are capable to maintain.

The Infoship QHSE system is tailored according to your needs to centralize and control the whole day-to-day quality and safety processes, reducing your administrative burden and consistently demonstrating  compliance with international regulations and internal policy.

\ Improving QHSE performance  .

Infoship QHSE is a integrated SMS and Quality system designed to meet the requirements embodied in ISM, OHS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS, ISPS, which shipping companies are bound to follow in terms of Quality, Safety, Environment and, more generally, Compliance with international standards. In addition to this, the solution allows you to focus, at the same time, on improving the technical and operational management of your fleet.

Infoship QHSE is made up of many functionalities, dedicated to the specific management of relevant areas, such as Ship Certificates, Audit & Inspections, Questionnaires, Event Reporting (Incidents, Accidents/Injuries, Near Misses, etc.), Document Management and Form Reporting, to end up with the newly released section for handling the Risk Assessment processes.

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\ What are the benefits of Infoship QHSE?

  • Unique system to manage Quality & Safety

  • Easily control your compliance to regional and global quality, health, safety and environmental regulations

  • Get the right balance among quality and safety requirements

  • Minimize the burden of administrative paperwork on ship operators and seagoing staff

  • Keep your vessels moving safely

  • Report, analyze and act to gain total control over activities and actions in case of an unexpected event

  • Protect the company’s reputation

  • Strong first impression during PSC, Class and Vetting Oil Major Inspections

  • Company consciousness of safety and staff responsibility

PDCA Cycle

Governance & Compliance

Thanks to its modular set-up, Infoship QHSE system can be easily interfaced with Infoship Asset module or any other PMS system.

  • ISM Code

    ISM Code

  • ISPS Compliance

    ISPS Compliance

  • Events Management

    Events Management

  • Documents & Certificates

    Documents & Certificates

  • Audit Management

    Audit Management

  • Inspections


  • Risk Assessment

    Risk Assessment

  • Questionnaires


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