Frederik Lerche-Tornoe, new Scandinavia Area Director

IB Marine staff can count on a new and strategic business role from now on.

The position of Scandinavia Area Director will improve our relationship with local customers and prospects in Northern Europe, manage operative requests, and strategically act as the technical supervisor of IB product functionalities, in order to assess and enhance IB solutions and meet the latest Market needs.

Starting September the 1st, this job position was filled by Frederik Lerche-Tornoe who is a marine domain expert and skilled business analyst for ERP solutions, and will be based in Denmark.

Frederik has a vast understanding of Fleet Management Software systems and Integrated ERP solutions, having worked for long time as Planned Maintenance and IT Manager at Maersk Tankers and other shipping companies.

“The time I have spent in shipping Companies still forms the core of my thinking” says Frederik “It sets the direction of the challenges that I wish to solve for the maritime industry. I use my background as a sailor every time I think about or envision a new product or feature and how that will solve challenges in the field. Not just from a process management perspective, but, most importantly, from an end-user point of view.

I am a full-blooded sailor at heart, and I love what shipping is doing for the world. Doing my best to make a positive change in an industry that I have a great passion for is what drives my professional aspiration”.

Frederik’s professional career also includes important management positions with a high-tech profile, having worked as Solution Owner at Shipserv and as Product Management Director at ShipNet.

Concerning the latest market trends in terms of technology, Frederik thinks: “There is now a top down desire to drive value through the use of data. I think that we will see more and more systems that connect to modern integration solutions. I also believe that we will see ships beginning to embrace onboard mobility more and more as the Technologies become available as well as when, and as, the onboard connectivity improves.

The use of AI, Machine learning, and IoT will also play a significant role in the solutions that will enter, and are already entering, the Maritime industry. That will help drive the change towards an even more connected sector that will become even better at managing the assets that form the foundation of the industry”.

IB is really enthusiastic to welcome Frederik, and all the staff wish him wish him “good luck“.


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