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InfoSHIP ELB approved by the World’s Largest Ship Registry

The Panama Maritime Authority has approved InfoSHIP® ELB Electronic Logbook.

The InfoSHIP® ELB approval by the World’s Largest Ship Registry, which represents about 18% of the world’s maritime fleet state, is a significant milestone for IB Software & Consulting, which is always developing leading-edge applications to meet customer’s expectations, helping them to stay competitive.

The software is already in compliance with the IMO guidelines published in the last PPR5 for electronic record books (February 2018) and is designed to replace the official hard copy logbooks with an electronic format whenever foreseen by MARPOL amendments. It enhances data integrity and accuracy through several use controls, preventing the user from omitting any required data and reducing manual input errors.

“Panama Maritime Authority approval of InfoSHIP® ELB is an important confirmation of its MARPOL and IMO guidelines compliance. Furthermore, for us, it is also the recognition of InfoSHIP® ELB value for ship owners and managers who can benefit from this solution to improve their operations,” comments Daniele Bottazzi, Managing Director of IB Marine & Industrial Division.


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