Electronic ship’s Logbook made by IB green light from the Liberian Register

An electronic logbook replacing the historical paper logbook. This Italian made software allows for the Chief Officer and the Captain of the ship to record all the parameters of edge required by international sea regulations and conventions.

These parameters are based on the MARPOL requirements relating to the digitisation of key on-board operations and thus to address security controls in port without unexpected problems.

After Panama, Marshall Islands, Cyprus and many others, the Liberian Flag also recognized and validated the InfoSHIP ELB software produced by IB. This software has been in the market for about three years but is subject to continuous improvements. The latter makes the software “intelligent”, which means that it is designed to cope with specific technical characteristics of the ship (IOPP certificate, piping diagrams, sounding tables,.), and receives automatic updates by the on-board digital systems, wiring measurements to the onshore control room and granting extreme transparency of the information shared.

The application has been designed in full compliance with the current MARPOL regulations, the most recent amendments in terms of environmental protection imposed by the lastest MEPC.312(74) and supported by the decisions taken at IMO, which are aimed at a drastic reduction of the negative impact of the maritime business on the world’s ecosystem.

Approved by the Liberian marine administration, InfoSHIP ELB can be implemented by more than 70% of the world-wide fleet cargo in exercise.

“In the development of the software, we have been focused on the simplification’s aspect that the solution must offer the user. The system is not a simple mirror of paper documents, instead, it aims at giving real support to the on-board crews, whose reporting work on paper still occupies 10% of their daily working time. At the same time, we have been pursuing the goal of Compliance with current and upcoming rules and regulations. – says Caterina Cerrini, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships Manager”.


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