Maritime Cyprus calls. IB couldn’t pass up Sea Change!

The Cypriot Shipping Community has never been so strong and collaborative, with big plans for significant expansion to boost the European maritime sector.

On this positive note, the 16th edition of Maritime Cyprus opens its doors to high-caliber international speakers and a large number of shipping executives from around the globe. The focus is on the theme Sea Change and on topics related to new business landscapes for ship owners, on new regulatory measures, and future shipping perspectives.

Technology will be one of the main factors of change discussed during the conference, and IB Marine could not miss the chance to attend as a booster of smart shipping. We will demonstrate how IT is poised to respond to the new market demands, offering solutions that support strategic ship management decisions, and realizing the most extreme but soon-to-be scenario of unmanned vessels.

A solution like InfoSHIP Performance is a whole new way of collecting, extracting and processing data received from day-to-day operations and any system installed onboard a ship. This turns big data into a reliable information flow that can suggest real-time corrective actions to ship operators in matters related to Energy Management, Operations Monitoring, Environmental Aspects, and Regulatory Compliance. Remote monitoring of all on board equipment is one of the first steps of the new IMO MASS concept, and IB InfoSHIP FORCE of a Fleet Remote Control Centre is one of the strongest ones on the market today. 

Our CEO, Giampiero Soncini, and our team can’t wait to unveil more about this and other solutions powered by InfoSHIP.


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