Infosip is a standalone software for cargo ship operations

New partnership with ShipServ

IB announces a partnership agreement to integrate ShipServ’s solution, the maritime e-procurement platform that helps shipowners and managers to trade more efficiently

The partnership will integrate these two solutions, permitting all customers that use InfoSHIP to access the ShipServ trading platform, which includes over 68,000 suppliers.
This access will allow users to transact using an all-electronic process to increase efficiency and reduce error. According to ShipServ, this typically improves procurement team productivity by 30%.
Daniele Bottazzi, managing director, marine & industrial division at IB declares: “We welcome the collaboration with ShipServ and look forward to leveraging their years of expertise to ensure our mutual customers have access to the best fully integrated solution. We are confident that ShipServ’s team of knowledgeable integration specialists will successfully execute the implementation in a professional and seamless manner.”


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