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To support, digitalise and make technical and operational processes more efficient throughout the entire asset lifecycle

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IB produces and develops Enterprise Asset Management software to manage and control technical processes in various business industries.

Through our systems, the user can record corrective maintenance and effectively plan scheduled maintenance, preventing downtime and equipment breakdowns, thus optimising the staff’s workload. Through our software, the stock can be loaded and unloaded directly from work orders, whether generated by failure events or maintenance due dates.

The user can also track and monitor all potentially hasardous situations and access all safety documentation. Each system is designed to connect and support every staff member and to enhance the communication between them, boosting customer value and business opportunities.

Simple and Functional

A simple and immediate graphic interface allows the user to try different options quickly.


Custom menus, views, desktops and reports to design the appropriate environment for each user.


Dialogue and synchronisation with ERP, building automation, call centre, bar readers, payroll, etc.

Stay ahead of the game.

Our web applications leverage emerging technologies to meet customers’ expectations, to let them become more flexible and easily incorporate any type of change, and to help them maintain a leading-edge competitive advantage.

Our technology

The right solution for your technical management

Run your business better, faster, and easier

Web and Mobile

Our software solutions are accessible anytime and through any device to help companies guarantee real-time operations management and improve their efficiency and productivity while saving costs.

Available anywhere, anytime

To access our web-based applications, you need your PC, Mac, iPad, or even your smartphone and an internet connection. Our Web-based systems require no installation or hard drive space, and whenever you launch them, you’re getting the latest version because each upgrade to the software is made directly by our team on the host server.

Dedicated Apps

IB provides different apps compatible with Android, iOS and Microsoft, specifically designed to speed up the process of data recording and viewing. They can work offline, in aeroplane mode or in locations without an Internet Connection. They are completely plug & play, automatically recognised and configured to work on your device.

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