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InfoSHIP PERFORMANCE gives voice to fleet data

Boost your strategic ship management decisions!

InfoSHIP® PERFORMANCE is a whole new way of collecting, extracting and processing data from any system installed onboard a ship, along with data from day-to-day operations.

Designed to be an ally for ship managers and operators, the software can be stand-alone or work in a multiconnected environment such as a Fleet operation remote control Centre. Powered by InfoSHIP, InfoSHIP PERFORMANCE can be interfaced and linked to the other suite modules (Asset, Procurement, Electronic LogBooks, Planning, Quality) and can monitor your fleet’s performance, reducing costs and boosting your competitiveness to full speed ahead!

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The Workflow

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How does it work?

The more data InfoSHIP PERFORMANCE can collect in real-time, the more it can help improve ship management processes.

InfoSHIP PERFORMANCE automatically acquires and stores measurements from a variety of fleet systems in real-time and is highly customizable to suit any ship environment, enabling the user to redefine parameters and the way data is validated at any time, rendering it exceptionally user-friendly.

The large number of variables managed by InfoSHIP PERFORMANCE gives a better reading of events which translates to improved predictions regarding critical risks, preventing negative outcomes by taking corrective measures. This then helps guide future behaviors as well.

IT Structure

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Get some insight

Fleet Map

Watch the video and explore:

  • real time ship position and main data
  • the forecasted route with weather layers
  • past routes using different maps (Simple/Satellite/Navionics)

Operational Dashboard

Discover how you can:

  • analyze the many aspects of a ship’s performance
  • compare periods of time or ships
  • set targets to upload on board
  • simulate fuel consumptions

Analytics Creation

See how officers can:

  • collect measurements manually and through automation systems
  • get suggestions for improving ship’s efficiency
  • share data with the Office Installation for real time troubleshooting and overview.

Why InfoSHIP® PERFORMANCE is different

All-in -one solution

InfoSHIP PERFORMANCE is not a stand-alone tool tailored to a single need, but a suite with a holistic vision that takes into account Energy Management, Operations Monitoring, Environmental Aspects and Regulations Compliance all together.

Heterogeneous Fleet Management

InfoSHIP PERFORMANCE manages fleets that are heterogeneous in terms of the age of the ships and their digital equipment: information coming from manual inputs on older ships or ones without sensors flows into the same database and information automatically acquired on modern ships, enabling comparative analysis. This makes InfoSHIP PERFORMANCE a reliable software not just for new ships, but also for ships that have been in service for a while.

Onboard Operational Dashboards

The crew has full visibility of the tool thanks to the onboard Operational Dashboards, which show information gathered from different sources in the same environment. It also suggests real-time corrective actions for ship operations.

Complete Integration

InfoSHIP PERFORMANCE can work in conjunction with the rest of the InfoSHIP Suite—integrated with Asset, Quality, Electronic LogBooks and Planning modules—or with any other Fleet Management system.

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InfoSHIP Performance strengths

  • complete & accurate

    complete & accurate

    turn data into meaningful and accurate information

  • improve efficiency

    improve efficiency

    streamline processes and data involved in ship management

  • agile approach

    agile approach

    functionalities and modules can be modified based on user needs

  • real-ime monitoring

    real-time monitoring

    vessel performance and potential criticalities are  under control

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