Our Partners

Together with Arribatec Marine to offer you best of bread and technological innovations to grow your business

  • Lufthansa Industry Solutions

    Commercial partner

    The strategic alliance is aimed at merging the marine (IB) and aviation (Lufthansa) experiences and competences in the area of fleet remote management and control.
    The partner can drive the fleet digitalization project to completely new levels.

  • Inmarsat

    technical partner

    Inmarsat cooperates with IB in improving the connectivity ship 2 shore to allow the office to get instant access to view and transfer data from the onboard sensors. The service is particularly effective in deep sea navigation situation awareness.

  • Shipdex

    Technical partner

    Shipdex, created to standardize on board technical manuals, to be imported easily in any software program, is based on s1000d Standard.

  • Fameline Holding Group

    Commercial/Technical Partner

    The partnership aims at both enhancing InfoSHIP Performance solution with additional features developed by FHG and also reselling IB’s solution by FHG, with some exclusive markets.

  • Verifavia

    Commercial/Technical Partner

    Verifavia solution IHM can be bought as a stand-alone solution or in combination with InfoSHIP system on Asset and Performance management, to ensure a comprehensive, real-time solution to support ongoing regulatory compliance over the management and handling of Hazardous Materials

  • CS Electric

    Technical Partner

    CS-Electric has a powerful and well proven platform for energy management, that, combined with IB fleet management platform can create an integrate fleet performance solution.

  • Assarmatori

    Tecnical partner

    Assarmatori is established as a new association for shipowners and operators operating within Italy. It works to foster a global playing field and to promote a competitive and open business environment for all shipping activities to enhance the Blue Economy. IB is part of Assarmatori as Technical Member.

  • Smart Maritime Network

    Commercial partner

    The goal of the Smart Maritime Network is to provide a platform to promote the benefits of enhanced integration and data sharing among stakeholders within the maritime and transport logistics sectors. IB is one of the SMN’s Council Member.

  • Wista

    Commercial partner

    The Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association with more than 3.000 members over 40 countries. A networking organization whose mission is to attract and support women, at the management level, in the maritime, trading and logistics sectors.

  • Waterborne

    Commercial partner

    IB is member of this EU industry-oriented Technology Platform born to establish a continuous dialogue between classification societies, shipbuilders, shipowners, maritime equipment manufacturers, infrastructure and service providers and all stakeholders.

  • Ammitec

    Commercial partner

    IB is member of this Greek Association primarly composed by ICT Managers who aim to support the most efficient usage of modern Technology by “Promoting Seaworthy ICT”, the relevant best practices in the global maritime sector and the empowerment of the ICT professionals.

  • OnAir


    IB and OnAir are developing a solution for boosting the Voyage Optimization software tool. The partnership aims at both enhancing InfoSHIP Performance solution with additional features developed by FHG and also reselling IB’s solution by FHG, with some exclusive markets.

  • ChartWorld

    Technical Partner

    ChartWorld is the leading digital chart agent, specialised in resale of digital maritime data and data services for professional maritime applications such as ECDIS – a trusted Partner for Maritime Digital Data Services since 2002.