Transfer of technology and knowledge-sharing

Challenges and Opportunities

In the last few years Arribatec Marine has invested 22% of their annual turnover in Research and Development, sharing its knowledge and supporting national and European bodies through innovative solutions, especially in maritime traffic management and interoperability issues.

Arribatec Marine (before known as IB) has taken part in several research projects, both nationally and internationally and has enabled numerous scientific and technological collaborations to occur in order to maintain a constant and high technological profile.
Activities include projects under different Programs: Regional (POR, FESR, FSE), National (PON – MIUR, INDUSTRIA 2015 – MISE), European (TEN-T, Connecting Europe Facility).

Research Projects

  • Anna – Advanced National Networks for Administrations

    2012-EU-21019-S – Part of Priority Project 21

    Anna is an EU-member State-driven project/pilot action addressing the wider benefit of MoS operations. The aim is to assist participating national administrations, the EC and EMSA in enabling the effective implementation of EC Directive 2010/65/EU in time. IB is involved in this initiative in order to actively support the MIT and the Harbour Masters in the development of an effective and sustainable national Maritime Single Window.

  • B2MoS

    2012-EU-21020-S – Part of Priority Project 21

    The B2MOS Action is an innovative study/pilot action aimed at improving the information exchange between public and private organisations and promoting their operational cooperation to increase the efficiency of MoS. IB is in charge of the assessment of systems and processes for port authorities (in particular PORTIDIROMA – Civitavecchia and Livorno), aiming to take advantage of the results in other major ports, both in Italy and abroad.


    The common goal of GAINN projects is to support EU Member State legislators as well as Port Authorities and shipping companies operating in European countries bordering the Mediterranean sea, to comply more effectively with new environmental standards. The GAINN projects include analyzing and then defining the best way to supply LNG to the shipping industry. Hence, the projects support the initiatives promoting the distribution and use of this alternative fuel, such as constructing facilities and adequate port infrastructures, retrofitting existing ships, and designing and constructing new ships in accordance with regulatory framework.

  • MIELE – Multimodal Interoperability E-services


    The MIELE project (Multimodal Interoperability E-services for Logistics and Environmental sustainability), co-funded by TEN-T. IB, is “Implementing Body” of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MIT) for the development of an interoperability layer (MIELE MIDDLEWARE) that enables data and information exchange among different ICT systems (Public & Private).

  • Monalisa 2.0

    2012-EU-21007-S – Part of Priority Project 21

    Monalisa 2.0 aims at contributing tothea continuous improvement and development of efficient, safe and environmentally friendly maritime transport in the EU by implementing a series of measures which are also included, or are in line with, the EU’s transport policies. IB shares the main results and knowledge from the MIELE project with all partners, as well as ICT interoperability solutions for the safety of Maritime Navigation (STM: Sea Traffic Management).

  • Sis-tema


    The SIS-TEMA project, co-financed by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) is part of the program INDUSTRIA 2015, of which IB is one of the leading industrial partners and it conducts research related to the dematerialization of bureaucratic processes (paper-less) in the last mile and one-mile sea from ashore.

  • STM Validation Project


    STM (Sea Traffic Management) Validation Project is the application of concepts developed within the MONALISA and MONALISA 2.0 projects, supported by TEN-T network. STM aims to overcome many of the challenges of communication and information sharing between stakeholders in the maritime transport industry by pilot application testing in the Mediterranean Sea. In this project, IB provides technical support to the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport collaborating with cruise companies, port operators and providers of technical nautical services during test-beds (the pilot applications testing). More generally, IB is involved in this initiative to identify systems which are able to simplify procedures for ships arriving and departing. The goal is to optimize port services and implement more efficient ship-to-shore communication systems.

  • YSW – Yacht Single Window

    Project co-financed by MIUR n. DM 62579

    YSW Yacht Single Window project, in cooperation with RINA, Leonardo, Genoa University, Infoporto and Keynetic, has the goal to define a software platform able to provide safety, commercial and technical services to the Yacht and Leisure boats market. IB has developed the web portal offering touristic and commercial info enabling the “vessel-to-infrastructure” communication, in order to exploit the new technologies for the benefits of the leisure boats and yachts security, safety and improved connection.