Welcome Alessandra & Umberto!

It’s amazing how people lives can intersect more than once in a lifetime! Some could call it “fate jokes”, while others could read it as the results of shared passions – shipping and IT – flowing towards the same horizon.

 That’s what is continuing to happen lately in IB, where some career paths converge to the same place after some time has already come to pass.

So, once again let’s give a big welcome to Alessandra Nisi and Umberto Dallorso, who have worked together for the last 16 years with the same IT company, and now they find themselves to be colleagues again but under a new company flag.

Alessandra has amassed a lot of experience in ERP system solutions, having worked for more than 20 years on database construction for large shipping companies within the Mediterranean and for the Defense sector.

She is a passionate and dedicated worker, always eager to learn from the business challenges she has to face.

Umberto has worked as Product Manager of one of the most known asset management systems in the Maritime Market, while also being the head of some large and interesting implementation projects for many European Shipping companies. His knowledge and expertise of IT in shipping is at the best possible level. He will sit in the Product Development Department of InfoSHIP, contributing in developing new features in InfoSHIP Asset and Electronic Log Books, and… pulling off some “secret magic tricks”!

We know they could bring more and more value to our expertise at IB and new power to IB solutions. IB is enjoying a solid growth, and our customers will benefit a lot from their experience.

And, like Alessandra would say, “every day is a white page of our lives, and from now on I decided to paint IB’s color”.

Welcome Alessandra and Umberto!


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