Welcome in IB, Alessia!

Alessia Ferrari is the latest addition to the fast growing IB team.

Born and raised in Genoa, where she studied Naval Engineering, Alessia has always had a knack for information technology.

Her career started in SpecTec as the Technical Support Manager for many important European clients, after which she became the Global Support Manager of AMOS EMS and a Technical Writer for SpecTec products.

After SpecTec, she worked at Engineering Spa, working on the Costa Crociere digitalization project.

“A big challenge. Very interesting! It gave me the possibility to put myself in the customer’s shoes and appreciate the practical implications of a software. Working from the perspective of the counterparty has been really inspirational” says Alessia.

Alessia just joined the IB Technical Team as a Software Consultant working on enhancements for InfoSHIP Performance, our fleet performance monitoring software which is able to supervise ship conditions, supporting ship managers in improving ship efficiency, while obtaining important and obtain relevant savings. “I always pay close attention to detail and try to keep in mind the overall vision of each project/task I have to work on. And I never give up, ever!” What else could we expect from Alessia, if not determination and commitment, given she is the first international Italian waterpolo referee. She has even refereed a European final and was named an ambassador for sporting achievements by the Mayor of Genoa. Congratulations on such important achievements, Alessia, and welcome to the team!


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