Empower your fleet technical management ^

We support shipowners and managers in their digital transformation process through a web-based asset management software.

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A scalable software system for the maritme sector

40 years of experience in the maritime sector has forged a scalable fleet technical management system, which efficiently deploys technology that puts the user experience first, leverages data science, and integrates easily into existing systems.

Thanks to Infoship technology and professional services, customers can plan and schedule maintenance activities, technically and economically monitor third-party performance, streamline production processes and services, having complete control of the vessels.

Empower your fleet technical management

Let's explore your digital horizon together ^

Let's explore your digital horizon together ^

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Since 1995, Infoship has always supported the Carnival Corporation in monitoring and progressively improving the management of their Technical Processes, Procurement, Quality and Safety, Dry Dock, and Hotel (Maintenance and Purchase Process) with a continuous exchange of ideas and experiences and through the defining and achievement of goals.

The Infoship system was first installed in 2011 to now being used on 20 operating vessels. All the technical operations related to maintenance, purchasing, and inventory processes, are well-centralised and standardised to guarantee assets’ efficiency and high-quality standards.

Having a well-structured, effective and fluid process of Hotel Defect is a vital requirement for improving guests’ experience and satisfaction, keeping the ship in perfect working order and strengthening, even more, the effectiveness of the on-board maintenance process.

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