From Ship Management to a new Fleet Asset Management approach ^

Turn data into actionable knowledge

Since 1983, the Infoship software suite supports maritime companies in improving and increasing efficiency in Fleet Technical Asset Management and achieving competitive advantage through better control over their maintenance, procurement, logistics, quality and safety processes.

We simplify complexity

Infoship software brings a high level of fleet control and efficiency through a broad range of technical processes.

The suite of stand-alone modules is a 360° software solution designed to cover all maritime operations, regardless of the fleet size or vessel type.

Infoship for fleet asset management

A scalable software shaped around

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Influencers

International Rules & Regulations

40 years of experience in the market



Supporting the new digital era in the maritime industry

There is a difference between digitisation and digitalisation. Within the maritime Industry, the gap is bridged by implementing fleet asset management software.

Infoship can boost your Digital journey through its wide range of cloud-based t solutions tailored to 

  • Centralised management of Fleet equipment,
  • Maintenance Processes,
  • Ship Technical Database,
  • Hotel Defect Management,
  • Special Project Management.
  • Logistics (shipment),
  • Vendor Portal,
  • Inventory & Warehouse Management.
  • Procurement cycle Management,
  • Contracts management,
  • Catalogues and Prices list.
  • Ship Certificates,
  • Audit & Inspections,
  • Questionnaires,
  • Event Reporting,
  • Ship Operations and Form reporting,
  • Non-conformities, preventive and corrective actions,
  • Risk Assessment.
  • Vessels/ sites documents management,
  • Checklist and Forms,
  • Storage and versioning recording,
  • Templates,
  • Distribution.

BI & advance reporting.

Infoship backbone


  • Web based
  • Open Accessibility Everywhere
  • Configuration Tool
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • GDPR Compliance


  • Data re-organization
  • Road map to the perfect database
  • KPIs embedded within the system
  •  Fleet-wide approach
  • Central logistics 


  • CBM and predictive
  • RC analysis 
  • Power BI

Ship-to-shore data exchange

Infoship enables users to work both on a centralised database in the cloud and by traditional ship-to-shore data synchronisation.

In case of good connectivity from the vessels, the ship can be linked to the office installation with a simple web browser without installing any hardware on board. Otherwise, Infoship allows the company to install a specific database and application on every single vessel with regular data exchange between the office and the individual ships of the fleet.

Infoship Data Replication
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Growing your business without growing pains

Accelerate your organisation’s growth with scalable, data-driven fleet asset management software.

The modular structure of Infoship guarantees to implement what your company needs and gradually enrich the spectrum of its functionality based on necessity.

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