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From ship management to a holistic fleet management approach

Comprehensive fleet data management software that provide a single source of information for your maritime business. The Infoship fleet management solutions help you optimise operations, maximise efficiency, gain valuable insights, and make data-driven decisions that boosts your fleet’s success.

From real-time data tracking and monitoring to customisable reporting and analysis tools, our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of your fleet and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Centralised Fleet Data Management

Gain control and fully leverage your fleet's valuable asset – data.

With a centralised fleet data management system for fleet equipment, you can access a comprehensive overview of job-related information, materials, spare parts, and fleet-wide documents.

Our solutions help you enhance agility, enable predictive and proactive decision-making, and maintain your competitive advantage while minimising downtime.

From real-time data tracking and monitoring to customisable reporting and analysis tools, our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of your fleet and help you stay ahead of the competition. Discover the power of efficient fleet data management to drive your business forward.

Infoship for Centralised fleet data management

Benefits of centralised Fleet Data Management

Harness the power of our Fleet Data Management solution to propel your business forward

Better business intelligence

Centralised fleet data management empowers your organisation with valuable insights and analytics. By consolidating data from multiple sources into a single, unified platform, you gain a comprehensive view of your fleet operations. This enhanced business intelligence enables informed decision-making, strategic planning, and the ability to identify trends and opportunities for growth.

Improved data integrity

With a centralised data management system, you can ensure data integrity and accuracy across your fleet operations. By establishing standardised data entry processes, implementing data validation checks, and maintaining a single source of truth, you can minimise errors, reduce redundancy, and increase the reliability of your data.

Increased productivity

Streamline your workflows and enhance operational efficiency with centralised fleet data management. By providing easy access to real-time data, eliminating manual data entry and duplication, and automating routine tasks, you can boost productivity and free up valuable time for your team to focus on higher-value activities.

Optimise time and costs

Centralised fleet data management enables you to optimise both time and costs associated with data handling and analysis. By eliminating the need to search for and consolidate data from disparate sources, you can reduce administrative overheads, streamline reporting processes, and improve overall operational efficiency.

World-class collaboration

Foster collaboration and synergy across your organisation with a centralised fleet data management system. By providing a shared platform for data access and collaboration, you can break down silos, promote cross-functional teamwork, and enable real-time collaboration between onshore and onboard teams. This facilitates effective communication, knowledge sharing, and coordinated decision making.

Increased enterprise value

Centralised fleet data management contributes to the overall growth and success of your enterprise. By leveraging accurate and comprehensive data, you can drive operational excellence, make informed strategic decisions, and enhance your competitive edge. This, in turn, leads to increased enterprise value, improved customer satisfaction, and long-term sustainability.

Fleet data management features

Centralised fleet equipment library

Infoship provides a comprehensive platform to store and manage all technical and administrative information related to your fleet’s equipment. This includes documents such as monographs, design tables, and manuals, as well as technical features, maintenance plans, warranties, and meters. 

By creating a reliable equipment data library, you can easily access and link information to specific asset categories or maker and model details, facilitating efficient equipment management.

Vessel data

Streamline your data management processes by utilising Infoship’s vessel data template feature. With this functionality, you can create a hierarchical structure as a template, standardising the information set for equipment. Whether you need to replicate the structure for twin ships, vessels of the same type, or other assets, Infoship enables you to easily and partially replicate the template.

This saves valuable time by eliminating the need for repeated data imports and ensuring consistency across your fleet.

Data shared by distribution groups

Collaboration is key in any organisation, and Infoship facilitates seamless data sharing through distribution groups.

With centralised data management, you can selectively share data materials, documents, jobs, and instructions with relevant vessels.

This targeted sharing ensures that information reaches the right individuals or groups, promoting efficient collaboration and streamlined communication across your fleet.

Infosip is a standalone software for ship operations

Get maximum control of your fleet data management

Experience the impressive flexibility of our Infoship software suite as it allows you to manage the encoding process across your entire fleet centrally. Say goodbye to fragmented data and welcome a unified and streamlined approach to data management.

Discover how Infoship empowers your organisation with its comprehensive range of features. From centralising encoding processes to optimising data management, Infoship offers tools designed to enhance operational efficiency, improve decision-making, and drive success in the maritime industry.

Take the next step in revolutionising your fleet data management. Explore the various features of Infoship software and unlock new levels of control and productivity.

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