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Strengthen your corporate culture with our software solution for quality, health, safety and environment

Infoship QHSE for maritime sector offers a comprehensive range of quality, safety and risk features specifically designed to support fleet-wide learning and ensure compliance with international maritime regulations.

Empower your quality and safety department with our powerful QHSE solution, bolstering your fleet’s reputation and corporate culture.

Infoship qhse

Infoship Safety & Quality features

Enhanced maritime compliance and operational excellence

Infoship QHSE software provides a robust set of tools to ensure maritime compliance and operational excellence. Explore the following key features to streamline your QHSE processes and elevate your standards.

Ship certificates

Manage and track ship certificates effortlessly, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Audit & inspection

Conduct thorough audits and inspections to identify potential risks and maintain a proactive safety culture.


Collect and analyse valuable feedback through customisable questionnaires, enabling continuous improvement.

Event reporting

Swiftly report and investigate incidents, accidents, unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, and near-misses with our intuitive event reporting module.

Document management

Streamline the management of certificates, simplifying renewal processes and avoiding lapses.

Ship operations
& form reporting

Streamline ship operations and reporting procedures, enabling real-time data collection and analysis.

Non-conformities, preventive &
corrective actions

Track and manage non-conformities efficiently, implementing preventive and corrective actions for sustained improvement.

Risk assessment

Identify and mitigate risks effectively with our integrated risk assessment module, enhancing safety measures.

Reliability, efficiency and competitiveness 

Experience the power of reliability, efficiency, and competitiveness with the Infoship QHSE solution. Designed to assist your crew in daily operations and drive management decisions, our solution ensures compliance with corporate standards and maritime regulations, elevating your fleet’s efficiency.

By harnessing the capabilities of Infoship, your company gains a competitive edge in the industry. Our comprehensive software enhances reliability by optimising processes, streamlining workflows, and reducing operational risks. The result? Increased efficiency and improved productivity throughout your fleet operations.

fleet management system
fleet management system
fleet management system
Infoship QHSE management

But it doesn’t stop there. Infoship QHSE is more than just a tool for staying compliant. It is integral to your sustainable development initiatives, aligning with your commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. By prioritising safety, quality, and the environment, you enhance your corporate reputation, attract stakeholders, and unlock new growth opportunities.

Experience the reliability, efficiency, and competitiveness that Infoship QHSE offers. Empower your fleet for success and drive sustainable performance in the maritime industry.

Support your company in reaching a great reputation through Infoship QHSE benefits

Less paperwork burden for seagoing staff

Our QHSE solution reduces the administrative workload for seagoing staff, allowing them to focus more on core tasks and operations, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Fewer human

By automating processes and providing intuitive tools, Infoship QHSE minimizes the risk of human errors, ensuring accurate data collection, reporting, and analysis. This helps maintain high standards of safety and quality throughout your fleet.

Increased feedback from seafarers

Infoship QHSE facilitates enhanced communication by providing timely and detailed feedback on accident reports to seafarers. This feedback loop promotes a culture of continuous improvement, empowering seafarers to actively participate in safety measures.

Focus on the root cause of incidents

With Infoship QHSE, incident investigations delve deeper into identifying the root causes, enabling effective corrective actions. By addressing the underlying issues, you enhance safety and prevent recurrence, safeguarding your crew, vessel, and reputation.

Urging lessons to be learned from incidents

Our solution promotes a proactive learning environment by capturing and sharing valuable lessons from incidents. This knowledge transfer fosters a culture of learning, enabling the entire organization to benefit from shared experiences and prevent similar incidents in the future.

A strong first impression during a PSC or Audit

Infoship QHSE ensures that your company is well-prepared for Port State Control inspections and audits. With comprehensive documentation, streamlined processes, and accurate data management, you can present a professional and compliant image to regulatory authorities.

Highly adaptable to your needs

Infoship QHSE software adapts easily to company structure and policies and can be interfaced with other third-party systems.

Our QHSE solutioncan work in a stand-alone mode or in conjunction with the other Infoship modules

Setting sail with confidence: Compliant with ISM, OHS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS & ISPS!

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