Maximise your fleet's equipment life cycle with a tailored planned maintenance system

Infoship supports fast data-informed decision-making through robust data analysis.

A robust Plan Maintenance System is the best way to manage and protect your assets, maximise uptime, ensure safety and decrease costs throughout the lifetime of a vessel.

Infoship Plan Maintenance system
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Infoship plan maintenance system

Fleet-wide Planned Maintenance system

We help you comply with Maritime Industry standards and regulations, giving you access to detailed analytical data showing your fleet’s equipment status regarding its technical efficiency and defect history.

Operationally, this turns into

Gathering crucial data about asset efficiency.

Schedule maintenance operations only when matters.

Making informed decisions through robust data analysis.

Monitor progress in real-time, and take preventive actions if occurs.

What do you want to achieve through your Planned Maintenance system?

Benefits of Infoship Asset
How Infoship can support your Technical Department

Our planned maintenance system allows Maritime companies to plan, perform, and document vessel maintenance complying with Class and manufacturer requirements.

In detail, Infoship includes

Organise a maintenance plan and manage activities to prevent equipment failures or breakdowns. The system strongly contributes to improving machinery reliability thanks to the implementation of different maintenance analysis methodologies.

  • Work request issuing,
  • Work order generation,
  • Work order assignment to the work centre,
  • Task management (by role),
  • Escalation to Management (if any),
  • Work order closing/ re-opening.
  • Technical specification drafting,
  • Monitoring of costs and financial plans,
  • Monitoring of tasks, activities and project progress and completion.

BI & advance reporting.

Effective technical specification for major technical project

Infoship supports you in preparing technical specifications for any major technical project, such as docks, refitting and repair, while at the same time maintaining tight control over costs, activities and task completion.

Infoship help in delivering successful projects on time and on budget.

Infoship benefits for the Maritime market
Infoship Project Planning
Infoship Planned Maintenance system for Maritime

Get the full picture of your fleet

Infoship is not just a Plan maintenance solution but a whole ecosystem of scalable functionalities.

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