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Turn data into actionable knowledge and elevate your maritime operations

Since 1983, Infoship has been the trusted choice for maritime companies. Our software suite optimises efficiency, streamlines workflows, and recasts Fleet Technical Asset Management.

Gain better control over maintenance, procurement, logistics, quality, and safety processes. Turn data into actionable insights, empowering your operations to achieve new levels of productivity and competitive advantage. 

A powerful maritime fleet managemenet suite with comprehensive functionality coverage


Centralised management of Fleet equipment
Maintenance Processes
Ship Technical Database
Hotel Defect Management
Special Project Management


Logistics (shipment)
Vendor Portal
Inventory & Warehouse Management

Document Management

Vessels/ sites documents management
Checklist and Forms
Storage and versioning recording

Quailty & Safety

Ship Certificates
Audit & Inspections
Event Reporting
Ship Operations and Form reporting
Non-conformities, preventive and corrective actions
Risk Assessment


Procurement cycle Management
Contracts management
Catalogues and Prices list

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI)
Advance reporting

Scalable software infrastructure

Infoship’s seamless performance is powered by a robust infrastructure built on key pillars: Enterprise Asset Management principles, strict maritime compliance, decades of experience, and continuous tech innovation. This ensures top-notch reliability and future readiness, empowering clients to manage ship fleets confidently.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) influencers

We integrate industry-leading Enterprise Asset Management practices into our software, enabling efficient asset lifecycle management, predictive maintenance, and optimal resource utilisation.

International maritime rules and regulations

Our Fleet Asset Management software is designed to meet and exceed the stringent regulations and compliance standards set by international maritime bodies. It helps maritime companies navigate complex regulatory landscapes with ease.

40 years of experience

With four decades of industry experience, we have gained valuable insights and knowledge to develop a software solution that caters to the unique challenges of the maritime sector. Our expertise ensures that our software aligns with industry best practices and delivers tangible results

Latest technology trends

We continuously monitor and adopt the latest technology trends, ensuring that our software remains at the forefront of innovation. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, IoT, and data analytics, we empower our users with advanced capabilities and a competitive edge.

Infoship is type-approved by several Maritime Classification Societies. Contact us to learn more about our certifications!

Simplifying maritime operations

At Arribatec Marine, we are driven by a mission to simplify complexity. We understand the challenges faced by ashore and onboard staff in the Maritime sector, and our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution that eases their workload and enhances efficiency. 

Our suite of stand-alone modules offers a comprehensive 360° fleet asset management software solution designed to cover all maritime operations, regardless of fleet size or vessel type. Our Infoship software serves as a trusted ally, streamlining everyday ship operations and fleet technical management.

Infoship for fleet asset management
Manage your ship operations with Infoship

Bridging the gap: Empowering the digital journey in the maritime industry

In the maritime industry, there exists a crucial distinction between digitisation and digitalisation. Bridging this gap requires the implementation of advanced fleet asset management software. We understand the significance of this digital transformation. Our software suite serves as a catalyst, propelling maritime companies towards a truly digital future. With a wide range of cloud-based solutions, tailored to various aspects of operations, Infoship is uniquely positioned to boost your digital journey.

Infoship offers an extensive array of functionality coverage that aligns with the diverse needs of the maritime industry. Our software addresses key areas such as maintenance, logistic and procurement, quality and safety, document management, and business intelligence.

Introducing the pillars of Infoship:

An holistic approach to technology & asset management

The Infoship Suite stands tall on the strength of three foundational pillars that underpin its success. These pillars serve as the bedrock, ensuring that Infoship remains a reliable, adaptable, and future-proof solution that caters to the ever-changing demands of the maritime industry. These pillars include:


  • Web-based
  • Accessible everywhere​
  • Configuration Tool​
  • State-of-the-art technology​
  • GDPR Compliance

Asset Management

  • Data re-organisation
  • Road map to the perfect database
  • KPIs embedded within the system
  • Fleet-wide approach
  • Central logistics 

Holistic Approach

  • CBM and predictive​
  • RC analysis ​
  • Power BI

Seamless ship-to-shore data exchange ^

The Infoship suite facilitates seamless data exchange between ship and shore through two efficient methods. Users can work on a centralised cloud database or utilise traditional ship-to-shore data synchronisation.

Infoship’s ship-to-shore data exchange capabilities optimise communication, collaboration, and operational effectiveness. Our software streamlines data exchange in real-time or synchronised scenarios to enhance efficiency and facilitate informed decision-making.

With our Technical Asset Management suite, maritime companies can achieve streamlined ship-to-shore data exchange, ensuring smooth communication, improved performance, and data integrity across the fleet.

Infoship Data Replication
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Accelerate growth with Infoship fleet asset management software

Unlock your organisation’s growth potential with Infoship’s scalable fleet asset management software. Leverage data-driven insights and streamline processes to optimise resource utilisation.

Our modular approach ensures tailored implementation based on your immediate needs while providing the flexibility to enrich functionality as your business expands. Experience the power of Infoship in accelerating growth, mitigating challenges, and achieving operational efficiency.

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