Quality, Health, Safety and Environment ^

Protect your fleet reputation and strengthen your corporate culture.

Safety and Quality in the Maritime Industry come from a combination of procedures, experience, needs, and reality. Infoship QHSE grew out of this approach, aiming to be a fleet-wide learning software and a powerful tool to stay compliant with international maritime regulations.

Infoship QHSE management

Safety & Quality features ^

Ship certificates

Audit & inspection


Event reporting

Incidents, accidents, unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, and near-misses

Document management

Ship operations
& form reporting

Non-conformities, preventive &
corrective actions

Risk Assessment

Complies with ISM,
OHS 18001 ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS & ISPS.

Reliability, efficiency and competitiveness 

Infoship QHSE solution has been designed to assist the crew in daily operations and boost management decisions in ensuring compliance with corporate standards and maritime regulations among the fleet.

QHSE was also built to achieve all stakeholders’ satisfaction. Infoship helps the company improve its general performance and forms integral components of sustainable development initiatives.

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Support your company in reaching a great reputation

Infoship QHSE benefits:

Less paperwork burden for seagoing staff.

Less human errors

Increased feedback from accident reports to the seafarers.

Focus on the root cause of incidents

Urging lessons to be learned from incidents

A strong first impression during a Port State Control or Audit

Highly adaptable to your needs ^

Infoship QHSE software adapts easily to company structure and policies and can be interfaced with other third-party systems.

Our QHSE solutioncan work in a stand-alone mode or in conjunction with the other Infoship modules

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