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Centralise your document management with Infoship to simplify operations, meet ISM requirements and save costs.

With Infoship document management, you get a comprehensive tool to streamline your document management process, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve substantial cost savings.

Digitally create, manage, store, and distribute a wide range of essential documents between your ships and onshore offices.

Fleet Document Management solution powered by Infoship
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Navigating global trade with up-to-date shipping documents

Having up-to-date and authentic shipping documents is crucial. These documents authenticate the transfer of goods and ensure compliance with different countries’ requirements set forth by organisations like the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Infoship document management streamlines all your document management processes, ensuring that your shipping documents are organised, accessible, and up to date.

This eliminates the risk of delays or complications due to missing or outdated documents, allowing your shipments to navigate smoothly through international trade routes.

Vessel documentation software features:

Creation of any type of document

Create and manage any type of document relevant to your fleet operations. Whether it's procedures, forms, manuals, policies, bulletins, or any other document, our system provides a user-friendly interface to facilitate document creation and customisation.

Search in Document Contents

Search within the contents of your documents, allowing you to quickly find specific information or keywords. This feature enhances efficiency and saves time by eliminating the need to manually scan through lengthy documents.

Document revision control

Compare different revisions, track changes, and access the revision history of each document. This ensures accuracy, traceability, and compliance with auditing requirements.

Document distribution & assignment

Effortlessly distribute documents between ships or specific ship groups, ensuring that the right documents reach the appropriate recipients. Additionally, you can assign role-relevant documents to specific individuals or groups, streamlining communication and access to critical information.

Print uncontrolled

Generate print-ready versions of documents that are clearly labeled as uncontrolled copies. This feature provides flexibility while ensuring that controlled versions are appropriately managed within the system.

Document Connections through Hyperlinks

Create connections among your documents through hyperlinks. This feature allows you to establish logical relationships between related documents, making it easier for users to navigate and access relevant information. Hyperlinks streamline document browsing and enhance the overall user experience.


You can benefit from the ability to create and digitalise documents, support various document types, and centrally manage your vessel’s document library.

These advantages streamline your document management processes, enhance accessibility, and promote efficiency throughout your organisation.

Centralised web-based document management

Infoship provides a centralised web-based platform for managing your fleet's documents. It allows for easy creation and digitalisation of any document, streamlining your operations and eliminating the need for physical paperwork.

Support for various document types

Our system caters to all internal and external document types, including procedures, forms, manuals, policies, bulletins, and more. This comprehensive support ensures that all relevant documents are easily accessible and managed within a single platform.

Central management of vessel document library

Infoshop Document Management let you efficiently manage your vessel's document library and manuals in a centralised approach. This feature promotes consistency and accuracy, ensuring that the latest versions are readily available to your crew and onshore staff.

Fleet Document Management

Get the best out of your vessel document management system

Unlock enhanced vessel operations with Infoship. Seamlessly integrate Quality & Safety Management and meet ISM Code Requirements.

Take your fleet document management to the next level with Infoship, our advanced solution. Experience the power of integration as Infoship perfectly integrates with our Quality & Safety Management module, synergistically enhancing the safety and efficiency of your vessel operations while ensuring compliance with the International Safety Management ISM Code.

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