A tailor-made Maritime Procurement software for your need ^

Infoship for a suistaibale procurement management process.

Digitalise your Fleet procurement business processes and logistics to manage supplier relationships and activities throughout the source-to-settle cycle proactively.

The Maritime procurement solution powered by Infoship

Manage costs &
Enforce compliance

With Infoship, maritine companies can leverage critical decision-making insights by proactively managing ongoing activities throughout the source-to-settle cycle.

Infoship software for Maritime procurement to gain:

Greater cost savings

Better efficiency & process automation

Better cost control

Better supplier management

Infoship functionalities:

  • Procurement flow management
  • Contract management
  • Catalogues and Price Lists
  • Logistic (shipment)
  • Vendor Portal
  • Warehouse & Inventory Management
Warehouse management

Warehouse or Inventory management?

We integrate Inventory Management and Warehouse Management systems to let your operations grow in efficiency.

Inventory Management App of Infoship
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Data Interoperability

Infoship has been designed to be easily interfaced with external systems to maximise the re-use of data without double entries.

  • ERP Systems (Accounting, Financials, etc.)
  • Logistics Systems (Agents, Freight Forwarder)
  • Onboard Automation
Infoship Planned Maintenance system for Maritime

Get the full picture of your fleet

Our Maritime Procurement solution can work in a stand-alone mode or in strong connection with our Planned Maintenance solution.

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