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Always on the move - onshore and offshore with mobile access

Our suite of mobile applications brings remarkable capabilities to your fingertips, allowing you to record transactions directly into your Infoship system from any corner of the globe. With our mobile solutions, you can access your system from anywhere, whether you’re deep in the engine room or back at the office. Seamlessly work across all major devices to keep your system in perfect sync.

Infoship on the move
Empower your staff with mobile access

We understand the importance of a smooth digital transition for your business processes, regardless of your staff’s location—whether they’re onboard ships or ashore. That’s why we have crafted a suite of mobile applications with your staff in mind, designed to address every aspect of your operations, down to the tiniest details.

Mobile Applications - Infoship Inventory Management

A mobile application seamlessly adapting to your needs in maritime sector

Embrace the power of Flexible Mobile Applications powered by innovation to propel your business forward. Streamline your processes, connect your staff across locations, and embark on a transformative digital journey. 

Onboard and ashore connectivity

Our innovative Mobile applications provide unmatched connectivity, enabling seamless collaboration between your onboard staff and those working ashore thus bridging the gap between different locations,

Embracing digital transformation

In today's digital era, embracing innovation is crucial. Our mobile applications serve as catalysts for your digital transformation journey. By digitalising and automating manual tasks, you can eliminate paperwork, reduce errors, and unlock new levels of efficiency, seamlessly integrate our applications into your existing infrastructure a

Tailored solutions for business processes

We recognise that every organisation has unique requirements and processes. With our flexible mobile applications, we empower you to customise and tailor the solutions to fit your specific business needs.

Continuous Innovation and Support

Our commitment to innovation is unwavering. We continuously enhance and refine our mobile applications to ensure they remain at the forefront of technological advancements. Additionally, our dedicated support team is always available to provide assistance, guidance, and updates, ensuring a seamless experience as you navigate the evolving landscape of maritime operations.

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Work-flow driven

Infoship Add on applications for Maritime

Infoship Mobile applications

MSC Cruises for Infoship Hotel Defect Management

Hotel Defect Management

Infoship Hotel Defect, a stand-alone application of Infoship Asset, is specifically designed to streamline the management of incoming issues within ship’s hotel department. With a flexible workflow engine, it automates the assignment of tasks to the appropriate team, allowing your staff to focus on their most immediate tasks while providing management with a real-time overview of activity.

What Can Infoship Hotel Defect Do for Your Crew?

Experience the Benefits of Infoship Hotel Defect for your crew and guests. Streamline issue management, increase crew productivity, and monitor real-time activity. Elevate your hotel department’s efficiency and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Warehouse mngt

Inventory & warehouse management

Infoship Inventory & Warehouse Management provides a comprehensive solution for effectively managing inventory across multiple ships and warehouses. 

With this powerful application, users can set optimized re-order points and safe stock levels, all within a single and reliable platform.

What Can Infoship Inventory & Warehouse Management Do for Your Staff?

Streamline inventory management across ships and warehouses, set optimised re-order points, and establish safe stock levels. Empower your staff with a robust platform that enhances collaboration, delivers real-time insights, and maximises efficiency.

Solutions designed to scale

Infoship can be integrated with different databases, structures, and 3rd party systems (Condition Based Maintenance sensors, Automation, ERP, 3rd Parties Logistic software, etc..) for sharing strategic information, maximising the re-use of data without double entries and moving asset management technology forward.

Infoship on the move
fleet management system
Warehouse management

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