Arribatec Marine turns 40

Arribatec Marine turns 40

Arribatec Marine celebrates this anniversary as well as its constant commitment to providing innovative solutions for the management of cruise, ferry, and merchant fleets.

2023 represents a significant milestone for Arribatec Marine as it celebrates its 40th anniversary in the maritime industry. Over these four decades, the company has maintained its dedication to applying information technology to the maritime field, offering innovative solutions to its customers. On this important anniversary, Arribatec Marine has taken a significant step forward: the complete remake of its flagship software, Infoship.

Originally founded in Italy in 1983, Arribatec Marine is now part of the Norwegian IT group Arribatec ASA, a leading company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, specialising in ERP consulting and solutions for various lines of business. Arribatec Marine is the oldest department within the group and is fully dedicated to the development of Infoship software, a cutting-edge web solution designed to optimise the technical management of onboard equipment for all types of vessels.

“2023 undoubtedly represents a turning point for Arribatec Marine,” says Agostino Fiorentino, CEO of Arribatec Marine. “Despite being one of the longest-standing providers of Plan Maintenance System (PMS) solutions in the maritime industry, we are also one of the few IT companies that have had the resources and courage to evolve technologically to keep up with the rapidly changing technology market.”

This anniversary highlights Arribatec Marine’s constant commitment to providing innovative solutions for the management of cruise, ferry, and merchant fleets. The complete remake of Infoship, which is not described as a system replatforming, demonstrates the company’s commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest technological trends to provide customers with an even more powerful and functional tool.

Our mission is to be innovative while remaining reliable in the quality of service and product offered,” says Fiorentino. “That’s why we embarked on a complete remake of our Infoship software to make it more flexible, improve performance and security, simplify the user experience, and reduce ownership costs.

This approach has allowed us to align with the new market demands and respond more quickly to our customer’s needs, as well as meet our own expectations for growth as an IT company.”

“The strength of Arribatec Marine lies in its ability to understand the specific needs of companies in the maritime industry, offering solutions aimed at improving operational efficiency, optimising costs, and ensuring maximum ship safety. Thanks to the innovative technology of Infoship, shipowning and ship management companies can benefit from ideal technical management, enabling efficient maintenance cycle planning, standardised procurement processes, optimal logistics organisation, and a solid culture of quality and safety.”

Arribatec Marine looks forward to the next forty years of innovation, continuing to invest in the evolution of Infoship to best support its customers. With its experience and expertise, Arribatec Marine is the ideal partner for all companies seeking advanced and customised solutions for their business in the maritime sector.

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