Acceleration of Digitalization in Shipping: by constraint or by necessity?

The MARPOL effect on the Electronic Log Books adoption – “MEPC.314(74) duly in force from 1st October 2020.”

The Digitalization of Shipping processes has always appeared as an option to speed up operational and management activities, but still only  an option, that only some market players adopted to its full extent, to boost their own business.  In the current pandemic and economic crisis, digitalization has proven once again that it can represent “the solution” to many current issues, superseding by far any other choice.

The latest MEPC amendments finally provide a digital alternative to the traditional use of manual record books on ships, clearing the way for a modernization in the fleet’s onboard operations, while bringing large benefits in terms of data control and management from the staff ashore.

The bright side of this improvement is an all-in-one with the latest market requirements, which call for more data transparency and integrity exchanged between company head offices and administrative bodies.

Electronic Logbooks solutions electronically record all entries managed onboard by the crew, allowing secure data storage. Such solution has been approved by several Flag states which found it compliant with the latest regulations and coherent in correctly replacing the manual input.

InfoSHIP Electronic Record Book solution replaces the official hard copy logbooks with a digital format and enhances data integrity and accuracy through several use controls, preventing human errors and reducing the heavy burden associated with paperwork.

With this solution, IB helps shipowners and administrative entities in the digitalization process, offering a stand-alone software solution comprising all fundamental record books. The software is accessible only by a defined group of members among the onboard and ashore staff.

The software is designed to electronically record daily on-board operations and to replace many of the traditional paper logbooks in the official template required by MARPOL.

InfoSHIP ELB is always ready for use and is installed locally on the ship, notifying the officer on watch immediately if they need to fill in or sign an operation. Email notifications can be set up in order to let the Officers, Chief Engineers and Captains know about completed and signed operations; shore staff such as Superintendents and DPAs are then automatically informed as well.

External access can be given to authorities to be able to check the LogBooks content at any moment and in real time.

With the soaring of digitalization in fleet operation processes, manual logbooks are giving way to electronic logbooks. The latter are shifting the activity of recording data from being a simple manual requirement, to a new era of data management, increasing the amount of data that can be searched, reported, and analyzed in order to get better control and lower the costs of being in compliance.

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