Acheon Akti sets the course for future growth with Infoship

Acheon Akti sets course for future growth with Infoship software

Acheon Akti’s forward-thinking approach to growth aligns seamlessly with Arribatec Marine’s four decades of experience in delivering cutting-edge Information Technology solutions to the maritime industry.

Acheon Akti Navigation Company Ltd, the leading ship-management company based in Limassol, Cyprus, today announced a significant partnership with ArribatecMarine to implement Infoship software, a comprehensive web-based solution designed to optimise and streamline fleet maintenance and procurement processes.

This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for Acheon Akti as it aims to position itself at the forefront of the maritime industry and digitalisation. Infoship software, created to meet the specific needs of managing each type of vessel, will play a crucial role in optimising and rationalising the management of fleet maintenance and procurement processes.

The comprehensive software package includes a web-based solution for Maintenance Management (PMS) and Procurement, providing Acheon Akti with a powerful toolset for effective oversight of vessel maintenance and seamless procurement processes. By leveraging Infoship’s capabilities, Acheon Akti aims to enhance its fleet’s overall performance and strategically position itself for future growth in the competitive maritime sector.

Mr. Charalambos Manoli, Managing Director of Acheon Akti, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, statingIt is with great pleasure that we anticipate the start of our partnership with Arribatec Marine to install Infoship’s Plant Maintenance and Procurement software.I am confident that our joint efforts will yield operational improvements and foster a culture of continuous improvement within our teams. 

The Plant Maintenance and Procurement program will catalyze innovation, allowing us to overcome challenges and capitalise on new opportunities in our industry. I am eagerly looking forward to the collaborative journey ahead, and I would like to thank you for your commitment to this partnership. Let’s embark on this exciting endeavour and make our plant maintenance and procurement program installation a resounding success.’’

As the company gears up for an exciting phase of expansion, adopting Infoship software exemplifies its proactive approach to navigating the challenges and opportunities in the evolving maritime landscape.

Acheon Akti Managing Director and Arribatec Marine CEO

“Our partnership with Acheon Akti aligns perfectly with our mission of providing cutting-edge IT solutions that empower the maritime industry,” commented Mr. Agostino Fiorentino, CEO of Arribatec Marine. “We are proud to support Acheon Akti’s digital transformation journey and confident that Infoship software will play a crucial role in their success. We also recognise the remarkable value that Acheon Akti’s insights and expertise will bring to the continual improvement of Infoship, making it ever more adaptable to the ever-evolving demands of the Maritime market”.

With this strategic partnership, Acheon Akti and Arribatec Marine demonstrate their commitment to innovation and collaboration, setting the stage for a future of enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and improved operational performance. As Acheon Akti charts its course for continued growth, Infoship software will serve as a powerful catalyst for success, enabling the company to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the maritime industry with confidence.

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