International Andromeda goes for Infoship

International Andromeda Shipping Chooses Infoship

The Monegasque Ship Management company, International Andromeda Shipping, has recently signed a new and promising collaboration agreement with Arribatec Marine.

As announced, Arribatec Marine, the owner of the management software Infoship, will provide its solution to optimize the control and management of maintenance and the purchasing cycle for two tanker vessels. The units involved in the project are integral to the fleet owned by Planets Investments and are under the technical management of International Andromeda.

In detail, the two tanker vessels will be equipped with the latest version of Infoship, including the modules for Maintenance Management and Procurement, Logistics & Inventory. The primary goal of this implementation is to optimize the management of onboard machinery components, including spare parts, to improve the efficiency of maintenance interventions. This will provide complete visibility of operations to both onshore and onboard personnel, facilitating the creation of a shared and highly traceable flow of information.

The ultimate target is to ensure excellent planning of maintenance activities and further enhance the reliability and performance of the vessels.

Both Arribatec Marine and International Andromeda Shipping are excited about this new collaboration. Andromeda, with its solid presence in the maritime sector since the ’90s, proves to be a valuable and competent partner. Arribatec Marine’s expertise in providing advanced software solutions for the naval industry aligns perfectly with the innovative vision of Andromeda, promising positive outcomes for both parties involved.

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