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Our 40-year tradition with enterprise asset management systems and our multi-decade experience in AMOS software allows us to provide solutions and support services that capitalise on our knowledge and help clients stay competitive.

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Not just AMOS ^

Our expertise and knowledge comes from years of experience in the field of highly customised Planned Maintenance Systems (PMS) solutions. 

Most of our experience concerns AMOS; we can offer high-level technical support here.

Our staff boasts:

  • 30+ years of proven experience in application development and configuration for AMOS,
  • 20+ years of background in database development in Sybase ASA/MSSQL in connection with AMOS,
  • 20+ years of know-how in AMOS project management.

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Infosip is a standalone software for ship operations

How we support you ^

We provide Technical Support Services for 3rd party PMS solutions, especially for AMOS installations, such as:

We help your personnel through professional on-call technical support to suggest the best way to develop, change and improve your AMOS installation and database. Such activities are, but are not limited to,

  • Database and software configuration and management,
  • Interface with other systems (e.g. finance system, CBM…),
  • Assistance in procuring the correct or new licenses.

If you are considering replacing AMOS with another PMS, we can help in:

  • Preparing the AMOS database.
  • Giving support during the transition to the new platform.
  • Training both on an advanced level of your support personnel and a user level.
  • Bespoke live/digital training sessions
  • Successful case studies.
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About Arribatec Marine ^

Founded in 1983, Arribatec Marine is an IT Company specialised in providing software solutions and professional services for the Maritime industry. ​​ 

Arribatec Marine is the owner and sole developer of Infoship, a web-based software designed to improve and increase efficiency in Fleet Technical Management, helping shipping companies achieve a competitive advantage through better control over their maintenance, procurement, logistics, quality and safety processes.​​ 

Arribatec Marine for AMOS
Infoship Planned Maintenance system for Maritime

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