Arribatec Marine At DSM2023

Meet & Match at DSM2023

DMS2023 – We are setting sail for Donsö Shipping Meet 2023, from August 28th to 30th!

DSM2023 is THE event where Swedish shipping shines on the global stage, bringing together cool innovators, ship pros, and industry bigwigs.

Guess what? Our Head of Sales North Europe, Alessandro Canepa, will be there, ready to rock ‘n roll! We’re all about making connections, and this event’s all about that. It’s like a big maritime meetup, where you can chat, network, and maybe even hatch some big plans.

DMS2023 isn’t just an event, it’s like an island of possibilities. A place where different ideas come together to create the future of shipping. And let’s be real – they know how to treat their guests right with top-notch hospitality, transportation, grub, and guides.

So, mark your calendar, grab your sailor hat, and let’s make waves at Donsö! 

Let us know if you'll be one of us at DSM2023.

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