Infoship benefits for the Maritime market

Catching up with the future

Mr. Giampiero Soncini, CEO of IB Marine, will hold a lecture at the University of Liverpool, on 28th March on “The value of data and artificial intelligence in leading the new era of the maritime industry”.

The maritime industry has now entered the digitalization age, where the importance of data management has become a pivotal factor, making technical and operational processes more efficient throughout the entire lifecycle of an asset and fleet.

Enabled by global connectivity and the technology behind the Internet of things, the stream of data covering the maintenance, fuel consumption and performance of an asset in relation to the weather and hundreds of other variables has never been greater. The key factor is how to make sense of all that information. Artificial Intelligence holds the solution: a complex connection between different systems and variables that can be used to predict future outcomes.
In light of his 50 years’ experience in the Shipping and Cruise Industries IT segment, Mr. Soncini will explain how the new wave of innovation will transform the Maritime Market.

The lesson will be open to faculty members from the Operations and Supply Chain Management Department and everyone from the Management School of the University.

IB is proud to support the University of Liverpool, as we strongly believe that “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest” (Benjamin Franklin).

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