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Daniele Bottazzi, new CTO of IB

Two-time Manager at IB to start a fresh chapter in his career as CTO of the IB Marine Division

Daniele Bottazzi has been promoted from Chief Commercial Officer to Chief Technical Officer of the company’s Marine Division, effective as of 1st July.

After working in the Industrial Division as Managing Director for 14 years, Daniele transferred to the Marine Division in 2014, taking over the role of Chief Commercial Officer to oversee global commercial services and business development.

Daniele brings a wide range of technical and operational experience to his new role, having earned the respect and endorsement of maritime industry players with his constant focus on customer needs.

The new job position reveals IB’s willingness to reinforce the technical and tactical synergy between the Product Development and Commercial departments, taking care to manage and give value to any input received from the Maritime market as well as InfoSHIP users.

“IB is looking beyond the natural technological advancement of its products,” states Daniele, “we are committed to taking the pulse of the market, trying to anticipate and respond to new requirements before they become strong demands.”

The digitalization change is shaping the role of Fleet Management software, like InfoSHIP, turning it into a decision-making support tool, thanks to the value it can gather from huge quantities of data.

The strength of InfoSHIP is its “open” structure, being able to manage different kinds of heterogenous data coming from multiple automated sources and manual input from crew; therefore, it can be a supplementary tool for human intelligence, formulating automatic algorithms and giving detailed overviews of ship/fleet health and consumptions”.

If Daniele could think of the ideal future scenario of IB products, it would be a shared interactive InfoSHIP environment, where research organizations (like Maritime Universities or Shipping Associations) could interact with system end-users to test new algorithms and statistical models for shaping and streamlining the application of “marine intelligence” in the maritime operational sector.

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