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Optimising Procurement for sustainable Maritime Operations

In today’s maritime industry, efficient procurement and logistics management are crucial for sustainable operations. With Infoship’s tailor-made Maritime Procurement software, you can transform your procurement processes, effectively manage supplier relationships, and proactively oversee activities throughout the source-to-settle cycle.

Maritime Procurement boosted by Infoship
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Maritime procurement & warehouse management with Infoship

Proactively Manage Activities and Gain Decision-Making Insights with Infoship

In the maritime industry, managing costs and ensuring compliance are paramount. With Infoship’s robust software, maritime companies can proactively oversee ongoing activities throughout the source-to-settle cycle, enabling them to make critical decision-making insights.

Maritime procurement at its best with Infoship

Infoship’s software for Maritime procurement offers a range of benefits that enable companies to achieve optimal outcomes.

Greater cost savings

Infoship empowers maritime companies to unlock greater cost savings in their procurement processes. Through streamlined workflows, optimised sourcing, and data-driven decision-making, organisations can identify cost-saving opportunities, negotiate favorable terms with suppliers, and optimise their procurement spend.

Enhanced Efficiency and Process Automation

Infoship boosts maritime procurement by enhancing efficiency and automating manual processes. Streamline procurement workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and digitalising documentation to reduce errors, eliminate paper-based inefficiencies, and improve overall operational productivity.

Better cost

Gain better control over costs with Infoship's robust features. Monitor budget allocations, track expenses, and implement spend controls to ensure adherence to financial plans. Real-time insights into procurement activities enable proactive cost management, preventing overspending and supporting budget compliance.

Improved Supplier Management

Infoship provides tools and functionalities for better supplier management. From supplier qualification and performance tracking to collaboration and contract management, the software enables organisations to build strong partnerships, improve supplier communication, and drive supplier performance.

Powerful Functionalities of Infoship Software

Manage Your Procurement Flow, Contracts, Catalogues, Logistics, Vendor Portal, and Warehouse & Inventory with Infoship.

Procurement Flow management

Infoship facilitates end-to-end procurement flow management, from requisition creation to order placement and fulfillment. Streamline and automate your procurement processes, ensuring seamless workflow, efficient approvals, and timely procurement activities.


Infoship enables you to maintain comprehensive catalogues. Easily access up-to-date product information, pricing details, and specifications. This functionality simplifies the procurement process, allowing for efficient supplier selection and accurate order placement.

Vendor Portal

Establish a collaborative environment with your suppliers through Infoship's vendor portal. Enable secure access for suppliers to submit proposals, update product information, and communicate with your procurement team. Foster strong supplier relationships and improve communication channels.

Price Lists

Effectively manage price lists with Infoship's contract management feature. Maintain a centralised source for price lists, monitor prises and gain a complete visibility and control over your contractual agreements.

Logistic (Shipment)

Streamline your logistics and shipment processes with Infoship. Manage transportation requirements, track shipments, monitor delivery schedules, and ensure timely receipt of goods. Enhance visibility and control over your supply chain, optimizing logistical operations.

Warehouse & Inventory Management

Effectively manage your warehouse and inventory with Infoship's dedicated module. Gain real-time visibility into stock levels, track inventory movement, set re-order points, and optimize inventory levels. Streamline warehouse operations, reduce stock-outs, and improve inventory accuracy.

Warehouse or Inventory management?

We integrate Inventory Management and Warehouse Management systems to let your operations grow in efficiency.

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Seamless Data Interoperability with Infoship

Infoship is built with a focus on seamless data interoperability, allowing for easy integration with external systems. This feature eliminates the need for double entries and enables efficient data reuse across various platforms. Experience the following key integrations with Infoship:

ERP Systems (Accounting, Financials, etc.)

Infoship seamlessly interfaces with ERP systems, including accounting and financial management software. Achieve a unified data flow between procurement activities and financial operations, ensuring accurate financial reporting and streamlined business processes.

Logistics Systems (Agents, Freight Forwarders)

Enhance collaboration with logistics partners by integrating Infoship with logistics systems. Enable smooth data exchange, such as shipment details, tracking information, and customs documentation. This integration streamlines logistics operations and ensures accurate and timely information sharing.


Infoship is designed to interface with onboard automation systems, enabling the seamless exchange of data between shipboard operations and shore-based processes. Capture and transfer relevant data related to procurement, inventory management, and logistics, ensuring real-time visibility and synchronization between onboard and onshore activities.

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