Enhance Guest Satisfaction: Seamlessly Manage Hotel Defects to Elevate the Guest Journey ^

Efficiency Unleashed: Rapid Problem Solving for Unforgettable Guest Experiences

Infoship Hotel Defect empowers your staff to swiftly identify and report malfunctions in cabins and guests’ areas, triggering an immediate resolution process. By unlocking the power of efficiency, you can minimise downtime, maximising guest satisfaction, and ensuring that every moment of their journey is nothing short of exceptional. 

Beyond Ticketing: Empowering Productivity and Collaboration

Infoship Hotel Defect goes beyond being just a ticketing system. As a stand-alone application of Infoship, it is purposefully designed to enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and ensure accountability, enabling you to deliver the utmost level of customer service.

With Infoship Hotel Defect, incoming issues are seamlessly streamlined and automatically assigned to the relevant teams through a flexible workflow engine. This empowers your staff to prioritise their immediate tasks while providing management with a real-time overview of activity. By equipping your team with the necessary details and tools, Infoship Hotel Defect revolutionises your approach to hotel defect management, driving efficiency and elevating your guests’ experience to new heights.

Infoship Hotel Defect Management

Unlock the Power of a Proper Defect Life Cycle

Experience the power of a proper Defect Life Cycle with Infoship Hotel Defect, and witness how it revolutionises your defect management process to deliver seamless operations, superior quality, and unparalleled guest satisfaction.

Efficient Issue Tracking

Easily track and categorise defects based on impact, urgency, and priority criteria, enabling swift resolution of critical issues.

Proactive Defect Prevention

Analyse the frequency and causes of defects to identify patterns and implement effective corrective actions, ensuring continuous improvement and enhanced quality.

Streamlined Task Monitoring

Monitor pending operational tasks by configuring scheduled task execution, allowing you to ensure timely completion and track the status of ongoing tasks.

Expertise-driven Issue Assignment

Assign issues to the appropriate teams, guaranteeing that requests are handled by technicians with the right skillset and expertise, resulting in efficient and effective resolutions.

MSC Cruies goes for Infoship Hotel Defect Management

Customer insight

Having a well-structured effective, fluid process of Hotel Defect is a vital requirement for improving guests’ experience and satisfaction, keeping the ship in a perfect working order and strengthening even more the effectiveness of the on-board maintenance process.

Emilio La Scala, President and MD of MSC Cruise Management

Flexible Deployment Options: Stand-alone or Integrated with Infoship PMS

Infoship Hotel Defect Management can work in a stand-alone mode or in conjunction with your PMS system.

Learn how you can empower your fleet technical management system.

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