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Why you need a proper
Defect Life Cycle.

  • Easily track and categorize defects

    Easily track and categorize defects

    identifying impact, urgency, and priority criteria to properly resolve important issues quickly.

  • Prevent defects and enhance quality

    Prevent defects and enhance quality

    analysing frequencies of occurrence of defects and causes to implement corrective actions.

  • Monitor the pending /open operationaL tasks

    Monitor pending operational tasks

    configuring scheduled task execution, controlling if tasks have been executed or are still running.

  • Assign to the appropriate team

    Assign the issue to the appropriate team

    assuring that the requests are performed by technicians with the right skillset and expertise.

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Minimizing the impact of operational works

Infoship Hotel Defect is a stand-alone application of InfoSHIP Asset, designed for enhancing productivity, collaboration, and accountability by providing the tools and framework needed to deliver the highest level of customer service.

Infoship Hotel Defect streamlines incoming issues and automatically assigns them to the appropriate team throughout a flexible workflow engine, giving staff the details needed to focus on their most immediate tasks and providing management a picture of activity in real-time.

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More than a Ticketing System

  • Alerts / Escalation

    Alerts / Escalation

  • Assign Management

    Assign Management

  • Case Management

    Case Management

  • Customer Complaint Tracking

    Customer Complaint Tracking

  • Dispatch Management

    Dispatch Management

  • Feedback Management

    Feedback Management

  • Issue Auditing

    Issue Auditing

  • Issue Scheduling

    Issue Scheduling

  • Job Management

    Job Management

  • Issue Tracking

    Issue Tracking

  • Recurring Issues

    Recurring Issues

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

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