Arribatec Marine ISO27001 certified

In June 2017, IB was awarded the prestigious ISO 27001 certification, which attests the company’s commitment to information security at every level of the company.

Protecting data from internal and external threats of any kind and securing its integrity, availability and confidentiality was the goal that prompted the company to submit its information management system to a careful analysis of ISO compliance 27001 by SGS, the independent third party control entity.

“Providing our customers with high quality and security services and guaranteeing our suppliers and partners responsible and transparent reporting management, was fundamental in ensuring proper information management, above all for companies and customers’ sensitive data,” says Maurizio Ricci, IB’s CEO, who adds, “The goal achieved by IB is an incredible result if we consider that less than 30,000 certificates have been issued in total in the world, according to the data published in the 2016 ISO Survey, and that IB is one of the few companies that has achieved this recognition in Italy “.

By adopting this standard, IB is committed to constantly improve its processes by identifying the most critical areas, reducing the risk of security incidents, increasing awareness of security and staff responsibilities, and protecting their corporate assets at all levels (research, design, product and service development).

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