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IB “HOTEL” software on board of all MSC cruise vessels

IB Srl has reached an agreement with MSC Cruises for the delivery and implementation of IB InfoSHIP Asset (Maintenance & Procurement) and Hotel Defect Management software products, to all existing and future vessels of MSC Cruises.

IB will deliver the solutions to a total of 17 existing vessels, and 10 new buildings. The contract includes the option to expand the delivery to other IB software products.
For the Italian IT company, which recently became part of the Norwegian stock listed company Arribatec Solutions ASA, this proves the investments done over the last 5 years in creating state-of-the-art, innovative software for the maritime industry have resulted in valuable and future-proof solutions.

InfoSHIP Asset

InfoSHIP Asset is an advanced cloud-based Fleet Management Software that allows for Shipowners and Ship Operators to accurately setup and handle their schedule for machinery repairs and replenishments. InfoSHIP Asset also keeps track of all transactions related to purchases and stock usage, providing all stakeholders with the necessary information, which in turn increases transparency and efficiency within the company.


InfoSHIP Hotel Defect is a cloud-based Property (and Facility) Management Software, specifically designed for the Cruise sector. The system is part of InfoSHIP Asset, IB’s solution for Maintenance and Procurement Processes, and is aimed at standardizing, monitoring, and reporting daily hotel management operations and scheduling corrective maintenance actions. InfoSHIP Hotel Defect also helps minimize staff movements between rooms through intelligent routing logic.

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