Arribatec Marine lands in USA

The software house of Rapallo sets up a new company in Miami to directly operate in the American Enterprise Asset Management.

The operational headquarters in Miami was chosen because IB has been operating for more than twenty years in the capital of the world cruise market.
Thanks to the experience and know-how acquired in thirty years of activity, IB is now able to start a new course. A choice that will enhance and develop further skills and specializations of its resources, focusing primarily on Cruise Ships, its first market, and using all the products and services that have characterized the work and achievements of the Italian head office.
Through IB NewCo USA Inc, IB intends to take more care of its customers, already active in the U.S, to adopt a worldwide approach and to meet specific requests of potential American customers. In addition, an important mission will be the evaluation of new business opportunities, in industries different from Marine and in other geographic areas (Canada, Central and South America).
In the start-up the office in Miami is employing part of its Italian staff, but it will be progressively supported with local resources.

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