New logo for Arribatec Marine

The new name is now official!

IB has now changed its name to “Arribatec Marine” as a way to reflect that company’s affiliation with the Norwegian-based tech multinational, Arribatec Group, as well as its commitment to the Maritime industry.

The rebranding does not affect the company’s business strategy, whose pillar is built on the development of the InfoSHIP software and the delivery of professional services. Arribatec Marine reveals a strong willingness and commitment to expanding its offering together with Arribatec Group’s expertise and global footprint.

From today Arribatec Marine starts a brand new journey under a new flag and a new, shared destination – to “Simplify Complexity” for all our clients. This implies streamlining business processes through a unique and integrated platform in order to empower maritime organisations to turn technology into an enabler for growth.

Please note that our rebranding and name change will not impact our billing addresses, tax identification, and additional invoicing information, which all remain the same.

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