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Infoship provides a wide range of web-based solutions to manage Fleet Safety and Quality processes.

Infoship Quality events management
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ISM code, ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 5001.

The combination of these standards and their requirements leads to a more efficinecy management approach of safety, quality, environemental issues, and crew’s health.

Manage these standards through one management system

Infoship QHSE has been designed to assist both crew personnel and office staff in daily operations, boosting decision-making processes while ensuring compliance with corporate standards and maritime regulations. 

What can you manage through Infoship?

Infoship QHSE functionality coverage
Safer, more efficient and profitable ships' operations

Reduce paperwork burden for seagoing staff.

No concerns

Make a strong first impression during a Port State Control or Audit.

Investigate root causes

No tables must be left unturned to ensure that the vessel is safe to the maximum extent possible.

Data Integrity

Reduce human errors and increase data reliability.

More feedback

Make sure the accident reporting procedures work and adopt the "No Blame policy across your fleet.

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