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InfoSHIP Quality for FINBETA’s chemical tankers

The Italian Shipping company Finbeta, headquartered in Savona, has chosen IB’ software solution InfoSHIP Quality for its chemical and product tankers fleet. 
 InfoSHIP Quality is a module of the InfoSHIP suite, designed to manage and prevent, among others, risks relating to the safety of the ship and crewsuch as incidents and accidents/injuries The system allows to always be perfectly in line with the international safety standards in force set by the IMO (e.g.: ISM Code and ISPS compliance) and guarantees the implementation and consolidation of high-level QHSE management policies within the company. 

The application provided by IB also has positive implications in the management of Audits or PSC inspections, among others, since it facilitates their planning, execution, reporting and archiving. In this way, information such as statistics on the incidence of recorded risk events or relating to the outcomes of inspections of all kinds are immediately shared and usable, without exception, among all the interested parties, in the office and onboard the ships.

Achievement of greater awareness of fleet safety levels and historicization of information for an increased ability to analyze on-board operational dynamics, quantitative and qualitative levels of response and compliance with reference standards. These are the guiding principles underlying the choice of implementing a software such as InfoSHIP Quality. This is a project aimed at consolidating key elements, such as quality and transparency, which is implemented by a company characterized by a strong environmental sensitivity. Also, it is a project particularly felt by Finbeta, which is committed to the double front of the renewal of its fleet and the digitalization of the management processes. Finbeta specializes in the transportation of liquid chemicals between Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea. The company has been an IB customer for years, following the implementation of the solution InfoSHIP Asset, dedicated to the management of maintenance, logistics and procurement processes.

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