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Marshall Islands authorizes InfoSHIP Electronic Logbook

The Maritime Administrator of the Marshall Islands has determined that InfoSHIP® ELB is fully aligned with all requirements of the Marine Notice No.7-041-5.

The new approval allows the system to be used onboard all Marshall Islands Flagged Vessels, fulfilling the Administrator’s requirements to maintain an Oil Record Book, Cargo Record Book and Garbage Record Book in electronic format.
Already compliant with MARPOL regulation and IMO guidelines published in the last PPR5 for electronic record books (February 2018), InfoSHIP® ELB helps the crew in filling in the official Log Books, reducing the workload of the officers on board and implementing checks to prevent the users from the possible errors that can occur with manual input.

The software approval from the two biggest shipping registries, the Marshall Islands and Panama, is just the beginning. Discussions are ongoing with other major Administrations to allow more and more ships to perform the reporting electronically and to strengthen a very important part of vessel operational processes digitalization.

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