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NCLH chooses InfoSHIP® EVO

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings confirms its trust in IB group and takes another step forward with InfoSHIP® EVO – ERS Event Reporting System.

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, parent company of Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises, has just stated its intention to migrate from the current InfoSHIP® version, covering the Event Reporting, Ship Certificates and Audit & Inspection Processes, to the new web-based platform by IB group, InfoSHIP® EVO. The new system will be operational around mid-2018.

“We’ve been really impressed – said Captain Luigi Razeto, NCLH Senior Vice President Marine Operations – with the system’s new capabilities and concept. We believe it can be the tool for a modern and innovative ship management. It looks intuitive and smart and, additionally, complies with the latest and upcoming regulations in terms of data protection, – (EU GPRD) – making us confident and safe in handling such sensitive information.”
Responding to market demands, InfoSHIP® EVO continues to provide a large and consolidated subset of traditional functions, now integrated with additional models and features. It simplifies users’ daily tasks and data collection, while facilitating the design and management of new processes within the system itself. “We are launching a new concept in ship management – said Alessandro Canepa, CEO of IB USA – which does not come from a mere technological re-engineering of the previous InfoSHIP® version.
Actually, the new system represents state of the art software from a functional point of view as well, by including new features and ideas stemming from several industries outside the marine world. At IB, we look at InfoSHIP® EVO as the new standard for the Marine Industry, a complete, scalable and increasingly improving Enterprise Asset Management platform”.

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