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Giampiero Soncini is the new CEO of IB Marine Division

Starting from the 1st of December, Giampiero Soncini, a very well-known professional operator in Maritime IT, will start a wide and a long co-operation with IB Marine Division, and will assume the role of CEO, Marine Division.
“Under his guidance IB Marine is looking to become a major player in the Marine IT sector”, says Maurizio Ricci, IB President, who will retain the role of CEO IB Industry Division. “Giampiero and I have been competitors for over 30 years, and it is simply amazing that we can now work to build something together”. Giampiero Soncini replies: “IB has been in Business for over 35 years. I have known them and respected them for 30. They share my same values when it comes to business: they put customers, product innovations and employees first. We agree that if we take care of these three elements, growth and positive results will come as a natural consequence. It’s a philosophy which appears to be lost in a lot of companies, where business is driven by personal bonuses and profits at all costs. Sometimes it is good for stock markets, but sometimes it is really not that good for staff, companies and customers”. Daniele Bottazzi, IB Chief Commercial Officer, concluded that “Marine IT is going through a deep and fast transformation, and IB has new and powerful products, very innovative, ready for the market. With the help of Giampiero, we intend to grow prudently, progressively but relentlessly”.

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