Welcome, Gianmarco!

Twenty years of experience in the IT sector, the last 15 having been spent in the Maritime Industry as Project Manager (PM) of several ERP software implementation projects for many international shipping companies and global Oil&Gas players.

that’s the background of Gianmarco Cremonini, new PM of IB’s Operations department. Gianmarco nurtured his passion for Information Technology at SpecTec, where he worked as PM for more than 10 years, and then at Engineering Spa, in the PMO Office of Costa Cruises.

“Working in IB is like being part of a big family. It’s a very dynamic environment, full of motivated and passionate people. I am sure I could finally feel at home here and I will do my best to support InfoSHIP clients to face what seems to be the most challenging year for the Maritime industry. In the coming years, starting in 2020, I think the major challenges will be all about Sustainability and Data Harmonization.”

Currently, the Global Maritime Market is facing an extensive series of challenges arising from technological evolution, including Predictive Analysis, new IMO regulations, geopolitical changes and last – but not least – the need for greater sustainability. If we would ask Gianmarco what is fundamental to assist shipowners and shipmanagers in this challenge, he would surely reply “data integration”.

“The real challenge is creating growth of data integration and demand for tools combining several heterogeneous data sources, stored in the cloud – says Gianmarco. There is a massive amount of data generation from multiple systems in various environments. Data integration will provide relevant solutions to give voice to these data and transform them into strategic information.”

IB and its clients give a big welcome to Gianmarco and wish him “buon lavoro”!

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