Welcome onboard, CAPT. Dallorso!

The Marine Division of IB -Influencing Business keeps on growing and gives its warmest welcome to Capt. Johnny Dallorso.

Capt. Dallorso comes from the Maritime IT sector, having held the role of CTO and QMS Manager at SpecTec. He’s also amassed a great deal of experience on the maritime world by having spent time onboard tanker ships, under the flag of international Shipping companies, such as Jo Tankers, Teekey Canada, Marittima Emiliana and Dorval Shipping.

“Technology is moving faster than ever before, and today, running a shipping company means managing a lot of moving parts and staff very quickly. The saying “time is money” is more than appropriate!” says Capt. Dallorso. “People from different countries all around the globe work together on different aspects and need to be connected in real-time, as if they were in the same office. So, a proper, digitalized, standard and interoperable environment is a must for smoothly running a fleet.”

Johnny agrees on the fact that Digitalization not only enables fast decision-making processes, but also helps shipowners and ship managers in optimizing fleet performance and environmental sustainability, being compliant with the most demanding international regulations.

“The proper use of fleet data will definitely bring with it more safety and operational excellence in fleet management,” he adds, “but I can’t say if it will lead us to an unmanned vessel scenario soon. When thinking about Chemical Tanker Operations or Ship-to-Ship Oil Tanker Transfer Operations, I can’t see, speaking from my own experience, a ship without a skilled and professional crew on board”.

And as we were on the same ship, IB staff welcomes Capt. Dallorso onboard!

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