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Will we ever see a digital fleet management?

Using fleet management data analysis and digital technology to improve vessel operations.
Shipping companies worldwide are appreciating the many business advantages of technology to improve efficiencies, drive costs down, automatise tasks and reduce administration burdens. Focusing entirely on this aspect, IB-Influencing Business and Inmarsat have joined forces to support the digital journey that shipowners, ship managers and operators have begun in recent years.  Until recently, a complete digitalization process of a fleet was made difficult by the high costs of both the IT and the Communication parts. The incredible progresses of the past years, and the efforts made by Inmarsat to combine low costs with high transmission speed, have made it possible to perform activities which were a dream only 5 years ago.  Today, IB provides complete monitoring ashore of every single aspect of a vessel: from Engine Room to Navigation equipment, including ECDIS, VDR, AIS, meteorological data, Torque, Trim, fuel consumption, all can be now taken from the vessel to shore, and analyzed in any possible way. And all of this, at costs which were impossible to think about only few years f ago. Inmarsat has recently introduced its Fleet Data concept, and has teamed with IB to provide the customers with a full turn-key solution for Fleet Operation Remote Control and Monitoring. Coupled with the creation of a Control Room, this new scenario allows a complete visibility of every aspect of the whole fleet, from technical to navigation to economical. A ship owner or manager can now get nearly real-time data (data are collected every 5 seconds on board, and transmitted ashore every 5 minutes via Fleet data) regarding speed, position, sea-state, engine status, fuel consumption, trim status, hull and propellers’ conditions and so on, in an almost endless list of possibilities.  IB and Inmarsat cooperation will make remote control an danalysis of Condition Based Maintenance a reality.  The partnership’s challenge is to combine competencies and expertise: on the one side, Inmarsat, with 40 years of experience in satellite communication systems, and on the other side IB’s solutions designed to support ship managers with the fleet monitoring software InfoSHIP® PERFORMANCE, dedicated to analyzing data and making it more accurate and reliable. Through Fleeet Data + InfoSHIP Performance, shipowners and managers will have the ability to access, view, transfer and analyze data in an instant. Curious to learn more about this joint solution? Click here to register to our live webinar!

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