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>Consciousness is not enough anymore: 2020 is a call to action for achieving concrete progress towards emissions free maritime transport and a more environmental and financial sustainable maritime industry.

The digitalization of ship operational processes and the analysis of fleet performance data can already make the difference, that’s a fact! But the potential of applying new technology is nothing without the right mindset and proper debating groups.

It is why IB found a huge opportunity in joining both the MDC (Maritime Development Center) and Green Ship of the Future associations in order to foster debate and collaborate in giving the maritime industry a competitive edge, new business perspectives, managing risks, increasing efficiency, and enabling innovation all across maritime value chains.

We believe that both these new memberships can open the door for IB to participate in important discussions, join innovative groups and projects and create solid networking opportunities.

IB joins the maritime cluster in leaving no stones unturned in order to contribute towards a greener marine environment.

It is not just a matter of networking, but also about taking steps towards a brighter, efficient future.

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