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We have created a set of add on applications with your staff in mind, aiming to facilitate the digital transition for all your business processes, wherever your staff is located – onboard ships or ashore – and right down to the tiniest details.

Infoship Add on applications for Maritime

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Work-flow driven


MSC Cruises for Infoship Hotel Defect Management

Hotel Defect

Infoship Hotel Defect is a stand-alone application of Infoship Asset designed to streamline incoming issues and automatically assign them to the appropriate team through a flexible workflow engine. This gives staff the details needed to focus on their most immediate tasks and provides management with a real-time picture of activity.
What can Infoship Hotel Defect do for your crew? 

Warehouse mngt

Inventory & Warehouse Management

Effectively take control of your inventory through multiple ships and warehouses, allowing users to set optimised re-order points and safe stock levels through a single and reliable platform.

What can Infoship Inventory & Warehouse Management do for your staff?

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Infoship can be integrated with different databases, structures, and 3rd party systems (Condition Based Maintenance sensors, Automation, ERP, 3rd Parties Logistic software, etc..) for sharing strategic information, maximising the re-use of data without double entries and moving asset management technology forward.

Warehouse management
Infoship Planned Maintenance system for Maritime

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