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Welcome, Giulio!

Every time we welcome a new colleague; we never think about how changing the job can cost them. We always think it’s just a matter of benefits and perks.

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Working for a brighter future together

>Consciousness is not enough anymore: 2020 is a call to action for achieving concrete progress towards emissions free maritime transport and a more environmental and financial sustainable maritime industry.

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Welcome Alessandra & Umberto!

It’s amazing how people lives can intersect more than once in a lifetime! Some could call it “fate jokes”, while others could read it as the results of shared passions

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Fuel Management: a reality check

There’s a lot of hype regarding fuel performance monitoring, and as always, in no time, a lot of companies have surfaced promising software which will allow miraculous savings. 

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Welcome, Gianmarco!

Twenty years of experience in the IT sector, the last 15 having been spent in the Maritime Industry as Project Manager (PM) of several ERP software implementation projects for many

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