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infoship bureau veritas

Infoship certified by Bureau Veritas

Infoship software for maintenance management received a new type approval certificate. Bureau Veritas Maritime & Offshore granted the certification for Arribatec Marine’s Fleet Management solution; Infoship Asset.

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New logo for Arribatec Marine

The new name is now official!

IB has now changed its name to “Arribatec Marine” as a way to reflect that company’s affiliation with the Norwegian-based tech multinational, Arribatec Group, as well as its commitment to the Maritime industry.

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Arribatec Marine new managing director

New Managing Director

We are pleased to announce that Agostino Fiorentino has been appointed as the company’s new Managing Director, effective immediately, to drive our strategic plan of building additional growth.

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fleet management system

RINA Type approval for infoship asset

InfoSHIP, the single web-based software system to support, digitalize and integrate a broad range of fleet technical and operational processes, complying with the latest regulatory requirements in the market, secured

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